John Anderson
by Harry Ward

Great Great Grandfather John Anderson came to Hamilton County from Tennessee soon after the Revolutionary War, and built him a home on what is now the bank of the city reservoir, not long after George Washington was elected President of the United States.

His home was near where the spillway of the reservoir is now.  In his home the first court was held in Hamilton County.

He was born in 1780 and married Mourning Maulding, a daughter of Ambrose Maulding, a Revolutionary War soldier who is buried in the cemetery at Ten Mile Church, about three miles west of McLeansboro, where he was a charter member.

It is through the marriage of John Anderson and Mourning Maulding that most all the Mauldings and Andersons living in Hamilton County are related.  John Anderson had three sons, namely: Edmond, Thomas and Warner.

Edmond Anderson was born in 1813 and died in 1865 at the age of 51 years.  He married Nancy Turrentine, and their children were John T Anderson, Warner P Anderson, and two daughters, Permelia and Rachel.  John T Anderson married Matt Patrick and their children were Charles, Flora, Dr. Hilary, Rev. Walter and Harry.  Charles and Flora had no children and Dr. Hilaryís children were Ruth, Anna and Winfield.  Rev. Walter Anderson married Nellie Hooker and their only child was Ruby Anderson who died in 1918 at the age of 23 years.  Henry Anderson married Minnie Wilson and their children were Martha, Florence, Russell, Mary, Jean, Elizabeth, Hazel, Wallace and Evelyn.  Warner P Anderson married Lou Sandusky and had three children, Chester, Mollie and Nora.  Chester had nine children and Mollie and Nora had no children.  Great grandfather Andersonís daughter, Permelia married John Mangis and had five children, Edmond, Nancy , Hester, Rachel and Warner.  Edmond had nine children.  Nancy married Samuel Ward and had six children.  Hester married George Hooker and had two children, and after Hooker's death, she married Bill Davis and had one child by him.  Rachel married Samuel Harper and had seven children.  Warner married Lillie Prather and had three children.  Edmondís daughter, Rachel, married James Weldin and her children were, George, Silas, Frank and Walter.  Silas was the only one of the four sons that had any children and he had four sons.

John Andersonís second son, Thomas Anderson had three sons, Wilburn, John and James.  Wilburnís children were Jasper, Tom, Sarah, George, Mary, Martha, Emma, Emery, and Joseph.  Jasper had no children, Tom had two, Sarah had two, George had three, Mary had six, Martha had six, Emma had five, Emery had one child and Joseph had one.  Thomas Andersonís second son was John Anderson and he had two daughters, Lola and Josie.  Lola had four children and Josie had five children.  Thomas Andersonís son, James Anderson had two children, Oliver and Bessie.

Now the third son of John Anderson was Warner Anderson and he had two sons, John and William.  William had no children and Johnís children were Willie, Lex, Laura, Clara, and Mattie.  Willie had no children, Lex had two children, Laura had one and Mattie had two sons.  Now this accounts for four generations of the John Anderson family but at present time there are at least seven generations, but in all that number not one has suffered the death penalty for crime, or even been sued for damages; which is a fine record for the descendants of John Anderson who was born in 1780 and died in 1872 at the ripe old age of 92 years.

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From: Goshen Trails; Apr 1966; Vol. 2 - No. 2
Reprinted by permission

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