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John Hays Property Settlement}
State of Illinois}
Hamilton County}

At a term of the Circuit Court held in and for the county of Hamilton in the state of Illinois at the
court house in McLeansboro on the 27th day of February A.D. 1893.  Present The Hon E. D. Youngblood one of the Judges of said Court.

Sophia Hale
C. C. Hayes

And now on this first day of this term this cause having come on to be heard upon the bill of complaint herein it was ordered by the Court that John C. Edwards be appointed guardian ad item for the minor defendant Chester A. Moore. the answer of the defendants thereto and the replication of the complaintants to suit answer and the proof having been taken in open court and the Court having heard the arguments of council for the respective parties and being fully advised in the premises doth find that the answer of the guardian ad litem John C. Edwards who was appointed by the Court as guardian for the minor defendant Chester A. Moore was filed and the Court doth further find that on the first day of September A. D. 1892. John Hayes departed this life leaving as his children and heirs at law Martha E. Hays his widow, Sophia Hale intermarried with L. J. Hale, William Hayes, intermarried with Margaret Hays, Mary West intermarried --Charles West, Margaret J. Smith intermarried with T. M. Smith, Elizabeth Harrelson intermarried with James Harrelson, Lucy Anderson intermarried with Thomas Anderson, complaintants are Columbus C. Hayes intermarried with Alice Hayes, Lewis Hayes intermarried with Annie Hays, Cathrine Moore intermarried with Charles B. Moore, and Chester A. Moore minor heir of Ellen Moore deceased, who was daughter of the said John Hayes deceased, and that allegations in the bill contained are true and that the division ought to be made as therein prayed. It is therefore ordered and adjudged and decreed by the Court that the minor defendant Chester A. Moore have ($500) Five Hundred Dollars out of the Estate of said John Hayes to make him even with the other heirs. It is further ordered that the following plot of land be dedicated and set apart for cemetery purposes for the use of the parties who are now the present owners being described as follows towit;

Beginning at the NW corner of the NWSW, S:31, T.5 R6. running thence east six chains thence south 2 30/100 chains to the NE corner of the Hayes cemetery thence south 2  88/100 chains thence west one chain thence North 2  88/100 chains thence east one chain. And that the Complaintants Sophia Hale, William Hayes, Mary West, Margaret J. Smith, Elizabeth Harrelson, Lucy Anderson and the defendants C.C. Hayes, Lewis Hayes, Catherine Moore, and the said Chester A. Moore, are each entitled to one tenth of the said premises after the above named Five Hundred Dollars has been paid to the Chester A. Moore to wit.

The South East fourth of the North West quarter and the North West fourth of the South East quarter and the South West fourth of the North East quarter all in Section Thirty One (31) Township Five (5) South Range Six (6) East. In Hamilton county Illinois containing 120 acres more or less.  The above named widow Martha E. Hayes since the death of the said John Hayes and before the comencement of this suit did convey all of her interest in the above described lands by her deed of conveyance to the above named heirs of the said John Hayes deceased. And that a division and partition of said premises be made that John E. Leslie, George W. Mangis, and Noble A. Utley of said Hamilton county neither of whom are connected with any of Situate and upon the confirmation of said report of the said Master he shall execute and deliver to the purchaser or purchasers of the premises so sold a proper deed of deeds of conveyance thereof. The said Master will bring the money and securities so realized from such a sale into court to be distributed to the parties entitled thereto as follows after first paying the cost of this proceeding. He shall pay Five Hundred Dollars to the said Chester Moore, Seventy Five (75) Dollars solicitation fee to L. J. Hale 
And One tenth of the remainder to Sophia Hale.
And One Tenth to Mary West
And One Tenth to
William Hayes
And One Tenth to Margaret J. Smith
And One Tenth to Elizabeth Harrelson
And One Tenth to C.C. Hayes
And One Tenth to Lewis Hayes
And One Tenth to Catharine Moore
and One Tenth to Chester A. Moore under the direction of the Court. The said Master will report his proceeding herein to the Court at the next term thereof to which time this  cause is hereby continued.

State of Illinois}
Hamilton County}

proceedings before S. Z. Landes one of the Judges of the Circuit Court of Hamilton County State of Illinois
in vacation.

Sophia Hale
VS                   }
C.C. Hayes
and now on this sixth day of June 1893 the same being in vacation of said court comes Samuel M. Wright
special Master in Chancery in and for said county of Hamilton State of Illinois and presents his report of
the sale of the premises

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