Miscellaneous Court Orders of
Hamilton County, IL 


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MAY TERM A.D. 1865

To the Hon Judge of Hamilton Circuit Court in the 12th Judicial Circuit of Illinois
In chancery sitting

        You Oratrix ANGELINE CONNER who is and has been for many years a resident of the County and State aforesaid Humbly Complaining would respectfully represent unto your Hon that about the 4th day of February A. D. 1860, she was legally married to one WILLIAM N CONNER her present husband and whom your Orator prays may be made a party defedant to this Bill, And your Oratrix would further represent to your Hon that from the day of her said marriage as aforesaid she demeaned and conducted herself towards her said husband as a kind and affectionate wife should administering to his wants and alleviating his cares as much as in her way and using every effort to make her said husband comfortable and happy.  You Oratrix would further represent unto you Hon that her said husband not regarding the kind and affectionate treatment of your Oratrix and wholly disregarding the obligations of his marriage vows and the peace, comfort and happiness of your Oratrix has been guilty of the heinous crime of adultery in that he has been repeatedly engages in unlawful intercourse with one MARY ANN ROBERTS and divers other lewd women hereby bringing shame and disgrace upon your Oratrix.  And that her said husband is now leading a notorious and immoral mode of life in utter disregard of the feelings of your Oratrix, and your Oratrix would further represent unto your Hon that her said husband WILLIAM N CONNER since their said marriage as aforesaid has been guilty of extreme and repeated cruelty, beating your Oratrix in a harsh and cruel manner, and your Oratrix would further represent unto your Hon that on or about the month of July A. D. 1864 her said husband deserted your Oratrix and has refused to live with your Oratrix ever since.  (The following line has been crossed out--Therefore in consideration of all the facts herein set forth and charged by your Oratirx)
Your Oratrix would further present unto your Hon that she has as the fruits of her said marriage two children, ROWENA aged four years and SARAH FRANCIS age two years.
Therefore in consideration of the matters and things herein set forth in this Bill of Complaint your Oratrix prays that the said WILLIAM N CONNER may be required full and complete answers to make to matters and things here contained and that upon a final hearing of this bill that your Hon will adjudge and decree that the bonds of matrimony heretofore existing between your Oratrix and the said WILLIAM N CONNER may be annulled, dissolved and for henceforth for nothing esteemed, and that in consideration of the young and tender of the said children that the Court will adjudge and decree that your Oratrix may be entitled to the custody of the said children ROWENA CONNER and SARAH FRANCIS CONNER, and your Oratrix prays that the Court will grant such other and further relief as the Court may seem just and equitable and in duty bound will ever pray.

BY ?? (illegible) her Solicitor

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