Civil War

Hamilton County, IL Men who deserted

From: Illinois State Archives
Roster of Officers and Enlisted Men
(May not be all inclusive)

Name Rank Unit/Company Mustered IN Date deserted Comments
Brewer, Isaac Private 87th Inf, Co. E 8/22/1862 2/15/1863  
Bright, John B. Private 56th Inf, Co. C 2/27/1862 11/3/1862  
Burch, William T. Private 32nd Inf, Co. B 8/22/1861 7/15/1865 re-enlisted 1/2/1864
Eilenstine, Hugo Private 56th Inf, Co. C. 2/27/1862 7/17/1865  
Mansel, Samuel Private 110th Inf., Co. K 9/11/1862   *deserted at Hosp., Somerset, KY
Maulding, James Private 87th Inf, Co. E 8/22/1862 1/15/1863  
Morris, James Private 87th Inf., Co. E 8/22/1862 1/29/1863  
Rankin, William L. Private 56th Inf., Co. B 2/27/1862 8/5/1862 *deserted at MS
Sutton, James M. Private 31st Inf., Co. G 9/18/1861 12/3/1862  
Walker, Thomas S. Private 131st Inf., Co. I 11/13/1862 11/20/1862  
Wheeler, WilliamT. Private 6th Cav., Co. I 1/9/1862 8/31/1865 re-enlisted 3/30/1864
Wilson, Hugh D. Corporal 31st Inf., Co. G 9/18/1861 2/20/1863   

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