Blooming Grove Missionary Baptist Churcy

*Contributed by Kyle Shoultz.

Old Blooming Grove Missionary Baptist Church Building.

          Blooming Grove Church was organized on April 19, 1850.  There were 22 charter members.  A small meeting house was built in 1854 and used until 1904.  This pictured white church was dedicated in 1905 and in 1955 educational rooms were built on to the back of the church.

          On January 16, 1971, the church bell was rung, which was a known sign for all the neighboring members to go to the church house.  They arrived to find their little white church engulfed with flames and smoke.  The beautiful white church burned to the ground in a matter of a few hours with all the pews and a few other contents being saved.

          On Sunday, February 28, 1971, a ground breaking ceremony to begin erection of the new church building was held.

          The pictured brick church is the 1971 building where the pews that were saved from the fire are still used today.

New Blooming Grove Church Buildihng


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