Roberts Cemetery

Roberts Cemetery
1.5 miles so. of Broughton & West 2 miles on County Line, then North 1.4. miles.

Transcription from the work of Harriet Vaught in 1963

Note: The caretaker of this cemetery, Mr. Amos Allen, 
provided some of the names of those people who had no stones.

There are at lease 22 persons here without stones.

Corrections/Additions are welcome!

So.  Mayberry Township, Section 18
Hamilton County, IL

Name Birth Death Other
Barker, Roda 1869 1891 w/o J. M.
Garner, George   1900 *See below
Roberts, Cora 1866 1897 w/o Reason C.
Roberts, Eliza     no stone
Roberts, George 1892 1892 w/o Cora & George
Roberts, Malinda J.   1862 w/o William H.; Age 40
Roberts, Obe     no stone; has 2 children there
Roberts, Reason C. 1852 1897  
Roberts, Reese C. 1893 1916  
Roberts, Ralph     no stone; has 4 children there.  Ella his wife remarried.
Roberts, Sophronia E. 1872 1904  
Roberts, William H.   1890 Age 71
Stokes, Maud     w/o James; d/o Ralph & Ella.  no stone
Pretzsch, Mary C. 1904 1904 d/o C. J. & S. E.
*George Garner's grave has no stone.  He killed Frank Hosick, a brother-in-law with whom he lived, in a fight with a knife he pulled in a fist fight.  He was placed in the Hamilton co. jail and sent word he would be home on a certain night.  He then hanged himself and made good his word by being brought home.  Frank is buried in another cemetery.  George was age 30 years.

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