Atteberry Cemetery

The Atteberry Cemetery inscriptions were copied by Miss Bernice Dixon, Carmi, IL. (1960s)

Corrections/Additions welcome!

Atteberry Cemetery
NE 1/4, NE 1/4 Section 9, Crook Twp
Hamilton County, IL

18 rocks & 9 unidentified graves (no stones) in this cemetery.

Name Birth Death Other
Atteberry, Alice M. d/o J. J. & M. J.   1877 child
Atteberry, James   1881 Age 77
Atteberry, John C. s/o R. & J.   1854 Age 30
Bradley, Sarah w/o D.   1856 Age 68
Brybron, James s/o W. T. & J. A.   1881 Age 4 months
Brybron, Jane A. w/o W. T.   1881 Age 21
Hart, Sara w/o Abraham   1883 Age 89
Hart children: Mary M.; Marshall, Alice
Stones for A. H.; M. H.; M.M.H
Hawthorne, Edmund   1869 Age 50

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