Atchison Cemetery

The transcriptions for Atchison Cemetery were done by Joe D. Garrison in October, 2004.  Joe reports that there are about 25 stones still standing but only 14 were still readable.  This is a very old cemetery and the stones are hard to read.  Based on the size of this cemetery and spaces between some of the stones, Joe believes that there could have been as many as 70 addition burials.

Thank you, Joe!

Corrections/Additions welcome!

Dahlgren Township
GPS location: 38 14 43 degrees North, 08 83 43 degrees West
Hamilton County, IL

Name Birth Death Other
Blaylock, John L. 1839 1876  
Dale, E. B.     Pvt. Co. G 154 Ill Inf
Deck, Alice 1853 1878  
Deck, Edgar   Feb 14, 1912  
Deck, Henry   Sept 29, 1907  
Deck, Theo   Sept 4, 1890  
Hinton, Samuel M. Mar 28, 1868 Feb 24, 1891  
Kennedy, Daniel W. 1835 1918  
Terry, Mabel 1904 1931  
Sarah L.? Nov 7, 1769?   d/o JW & ME Jenkins

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