FROM: The History of Gallatin, Saline, Hamilton, Franklin, and Williamson Counties, Illinois (Chicago: Goodspeed Publishing Co., 1887).  P. 748.

          John H. Upton, farmer, was born ill 1837 in Hamilton County, Ill. the son of David and Hannah (Moore) Upton. The father, of Dutch origin, born in Chatham County, N. C., in 1809 was brought with his parents and nine children to Smith County. Tenn., in 1813 the mother soon died and their home and goods were completely burned. The father, John, married again, and in1817 came to White County Ill., and located oil tile site of Enfield, one of the pioneers of southern Illinois. He was the father of twenty children. David was eight years old when he came to White County and Ill 1830 he married, and located near Springerton in White County, where lie lived about two years. He then came to his present home in Beaver Crook Township.  His wife died in 1876, and in 1879 he married Elizabeth McNabb, who died in 1884.  David was skillful with tile rifle as a hunter, and in one winter he killed 105 deer. Of his seven living children the oldest is fifty-six and the youngest forty-two.  John H. was educated in subscription school, and made his home with his parents until twenty-seven.  August 15, 1862, lie enlisted in Company E. Eighty-seventh Illinois Infantry, and fought at Wilson Hill, Carroll Hill. Mark Hill, the Red River expedition and numerous severe skirmishes.  In September, 1864, he was captured near the month of Red River, and imprisoned nineteen months at Camp Ford. July 5, 1865 he was discharged at Springfield. December 28, 1865 he married Ann E. Derrick, born in 1851 in Arkansas, who came to Illinois when thirteen years old. Their nine children are Rachael S. (wife of W. Wheeler), Thomas A. David C., Flora M., George N., Sarah A., Walter M., Lawrence B. and Felix Z.  He owns 145 acres, but since the fall of 1884 he has been living on his father's 160-acre a tract. Politically be is a Nationalist, first voting for Douglas. He is a successful farmer and esteemed citizen.

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