FROM: The History of Gallatin, Saline, Hamilton, Franklin, and Williamson Counties, Illinois (Chicago: Goodspeed Publishing Co., 1887).  P. 746-747.

          Squire James Twigg, a wealthy farmer of Twigg Township, is the eldest of even children of Timothy and Catherine (Mason) Twigg. The father, born in Ireland, came to the site of Nashville, Tenn., when but a boy, and assisted in building the first houses ever erected in the city. For eleven years he made his home with Andrew Jackson, of whom he was a great favorite and for whom he worked some. He was engaged in flat boating on the Cumberland River several years. He was with Gen. Jackson in the war of 1812, and was wounded at the battle of Tallahassee He was twice married: first to the mother of our subject, in about 1803, and secondly about 1822 to Catherine Roberts, by whom be had two children. Immediately after his first marriage he settled amongst the cane eighteen miles southeast of Nashville, where he was devoted to farming in the summer and distilling the products in the winter. His first house was built of slabs lie split from a single linden tree, in which he spent several summers With indomitable will Find energy lie soon had a fine farm, and was one of the leading farmers of the State. In 1846 he died, a member of the Old Baptist Church. The mother was probably born in Pennsylvania, and died April 18, 1818, a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. James was born in Rutherford County, in 1804, acquiring a good education in common schools, and when eighteen began work in White County, Ill., on a farm at 25 cents a day. In 1824 he came to Hamilton County and taught school about two miles South of where be now resides. In 1825 lie married Polly Barker. Six of their eleven children lived to be married, but Nancy wife of John Davis, is the only one now living. He soon settled on a farm adjoining, but in April, 1829, he settled in the woods on his present farm. With excellent business ability and no capital he added little by little to the original tract until be owned 3,000 acres, and could walk for three miles from his house on his own possessions. For about fifteen years he was running a grain mill, and for over forty years has carried on a general store, his first stock being a remnant stock bought of his brother who was then peddling. He has still held to his farming. He has led an active, uneventful life, totally abstaining from tobacco and intoxicants. He is the eldest of his family and the only one living, while his eldest is, besides himself, the only survivor of his family. He is highly esteemed throughout the county, and the township was named in his honor. Although past four score he is as vigorous as ever, and has a remarkable memory. He was one who heard the pistol shots of the Jackson-Benton duel at Nashville. He is a public-spirited man, devoted to the welfare of his State, and has been a Democrat in 'earnest for more than Sixty years, and a worker in their ranks. He first voted for Jackson. His last wife was for many years a member of the United Brethren Church.  

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