by Paul Kornmeyer

For the following anecdote, we are indebted to a number of folks.  We do not recall its origin yet desire to credit at least [three] for preserving it: Mr. Clarence Jewell Maulding of Royal Oak, Mich.; Mrs. Arnold Albert Thompson of La Porte, Ind. and Mrs. Roy Val Maulding of Evansville, Ind., grandsons of Ambrose M. Maulding.

Ambrose M. Maulding was an only child of George Madison and Louisa J. (Irvin) Maulding.  Ambrose M. Maulding, born June 24, 1838, departed this "vale of tears" on August 6, 1918.  He is memorialized at the Blooming Grove Cemetery, Hamilton County, Illinois.

In the early 1860s, Ambrose M. Maulding and family, including his wife, formerly Miss Mary Catherine Turner, and some of their children (of whom, at a later time, there were six) lived near Belle Prairie City, probably in the vicinity of old Rawls Cemetery, where rest at least two of their non-surviving infants.

As a "hog caller," Ambrose M. Maulding had no peer in the community.  It was said that even the neighbor's hogs responded enthusiastically to the "breakfast" calls of Ambrose M., and it is reported that his regular "sounding" was an event by which the neighbors "set their clocks," so much so that he acquired the sobriquet, "Bugler."  When Ambrose Maulding called his hogs at 3:30a.m. it was, indeed time to be "up and doing!"

Ambrose M. Maulding was orphaned at the age of 15 years by the death of his father, Kentucky-born George M. Maulding, on October 15, 1853, after whose demise Louisa J. Maulding married widower Nathan Garrison.  Mary Catherine (Turner) Maulding died March 4, 1905, and Ambrose subsequently wed Carrie J. Carroll, a daughter of Marion and Louisa J. (Mayberry) Carroll.

According to the Rademacher transcript of the Census of Hamilton County, Illinois, 1860, Ambrose Maulding and family were residents of T4S R6E, post office McLeansboro, Illinois.  Son, Nathan Douglas Maulding, August 7, 1860, was then four months old.

 From: Goshen Trails, Vol. 11, #3, July, 1975
Reprinted by permission

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