John Bailey Maulding
by Paul Kornmeyer

Clergyman, historian, debater, educator, lecturer; John Bailey Maulding was all of these.  He was born near Delafield, Illinois, on July 27, 1887, the son of William Matthew and Mary Elizabeth (Hooker) Maulding.  John Bailey Maulding, in the words of the Bard, "Shuffled off this mortal coil, " January 20, 1962.  His remains were interred in I.O.O.F. Cemetery, McLeansboro, Illinois.

At Delafield, Illinois, John Bailey Maulding was ordained to the ministry of the Missionary Baptist Church on August 30, 1909.  Hamilton County, Illinois record No. 2.10883 denotes his marriage to Miss Amelia Grace Carr, daughter of Lewis Jefferson and Mary Frances (Gunter) Carr, on May 31, 1911.

Aunt Grace Maulding survived Uncle John B. by approximately six years.  Their children were two: John Carr Maulding of Palatine, Illinois, and Mrs. James W. Adams of McLeansboro, Illinois.

The society of distinguished clergymen of Hamilton county, Illinois welcomes John Bailey Maulding to that eminent brotherhood, the voices of acclamation, figuratively, being those, among others, no necessarily in the order named of Chester Carpenter, Milton Carpenter, Charles Coker, Hosea Vise, James Daniel Carr, C. R. Pittman, Russell Shirley, Calvin Young Allen, Henry Parks Craves, John Jordan Crittenden Elliott, Thomas B. Hunt, Chaly Mattison Prince, Cal Richardson, John Dixon Hooker, James Ola Allen, Kenan Wright Ingram, Daniel Harrison Knight, Gilbert E. Walden, Hulbert Perry, Ralph Sylvanus Harrelson.

 From: Goshen Trails, Vol. 12, #1, January, 1976
Reprinted by permission

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