FROM: The History of Gallatin, Saline, Hamilton, Franklin, and Williamson Counties, Illinois (Chicago: Goodspeed Publishing Co., 1887).  P. 699-700.

          Samuel E. Gates, M. D., was born on Simms’ Creek, Gallia County, Ohio, August 10, 1814, was raised at the same place, and probably received his education at Marietta, Ohio, as it was a custom of his father, Stephen Gates, and his uncle Samuel Gates, of Gallipolis, Ohio, to send the sons of their families there to college.  He received the principal part of his medical education at Washington City, D. C.  He came from Jackson County, Ohio, to McLeansboro, Hamilton Co., Ill., in the fall of 1851, returned to Jackson County, Ohio, in the fall of 1852, to consummate a settlement of his business, and was offered, by the prominent citizens of his acquaintance, a present of a new two-story residence then building, finished and complete, with grounds, if he would return and continue the practice of medicine.  He could not be prevailed upon to have the deed to the property made to him, and returned to McLeansboro, Hamilton Co., Ill., where he lived until his death.  He achieved marked success in his profession and surgeon; stood at the head of his profession at the age of twenty-eight in the State of Ohio, and was considered by the majority of the people, the foremost physician of his time wherever he practiced.  He was a life-long Democrat.  Out of a family of six sons, only he and one brother were Democrats.  He and this brother (Hon. Nathaniel H. Gates, of Oregon) were always the warmest friends as well as kinsmen, and corresponded with each other during his lifetime upon all the political issues of the day.  This brother was the fourth son of the family, born in Ohio, February 17, 1811, and went to Oregon when a young man comparatively, and became a noted lawyer and politician, and eminently successful financially.  Samuel E. Gates, M. D., belonged to no religious denomination.  He was a member of the Masonic lodge for many years.  He was recommended May 13, 1851, by the Master and Wardens of Unity Lodge, No. 132, of the town of Jackson, Ohio, to the kind offices of all Masons around the globe, this recommendation certifying that he had been raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason, and that he had conducted himself as a true and faithful brother during his continuance with them.  He was a member of Polk Lodge, No. 137, at McLeansboro, Hamilton Co., Ill. until his death.  He was at one or more times Master of this Lodge, leading it, and doing a great deal of good.  He was buried with all the honors of a Masonic funeral service.  He was married, in the state of Ohio, December 24, 1835, to Miss Lucinda A. Napier, who was born in Virginia, April 29, 1817.  Six children were raised—on son and five daughters: Rastus Monticello, the son; Nahwista A., Josephine Romain, Irena A., Genevieve May and Emma Virginia, the daughters.  Josephine died at the age of fifteen.  The son and the four remaining daughters are still surviving, three of the daughters being married: Nahwista A., to Charles H. Heard, Sr., who was born in Rutherford County, Tenn.; Irena A., to C. W. Pape, born in Goettingen, Germany; and Emma Virginia, to Silas A. Whittey, born in Saline County, Ill.  Samuel E. Gates died at McLeansboro, Ill., November 6, 1866.  He was an affectionate husband, a devoted, indulgent father, made friends where he went, was kind, sociable, clever, esteemed and loved by his friends, and especially by his patients, who would come to his home some time after his death and talk of him and shed tears over his loss.  He was the fifth son of Stephen Gates, who was born in 1774 and married, in the State of Maine, May 14, 1798, to Miss Jerusha Perry, of the same State, whose ancestors were titled English families.  She was born February 1, 1777.

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