A Biographical Sketch
by Paul Kornmeyer

Daniel Burbank, Jr., son of Daniel and Mary (Marks) Burbank, Sr., of Williamstown, Mass., was born 7 May 1770, wed Margaret Pynchon 21 Mar 1793, died 27 Oct 1832 at Meredosia, Ill.  Margaret Pynchon was a daughter of George and Lois (Hicox) Pynchon, George (being) a descendant of Major William Pynchon, founder of Springfield, Mass.

By his father's will, Daniel Burbank, Jr. inherited 100 acres of land in Marcellus Township of Onodaga County, New York, where Daniel and Margaret made their home.  To them were born nine children: Margaret (Pynchon) Burbank died at Exeter, Ill., 14 July 1826.

Daniel Burbank, Jr. was a veteran of the War of 1812, a major in the 18th regiment of Detached Militia, State of New York.  Apparently Daniel farmed and operated a gristmill in Marcellus Township, after the war liquidating his New York property, removing to Cincinnati, Ohio, from whence he shortly removed to White County, Illinois, arriving in time for the census of 1820 and where two of his daughters married Maulding brothers; Sophia Burbank and Ennis Maulding were wed in White County 1 Mar 1820; Louisa Jane Burbank and William Maulding wed in Hamilton County, 9 Oct 1821.

Burbank remained in Hamilton County at least long enough for jury service as reported in Goshen Trails Apr 1969, p. 10 (Reported as Daniel "Benbrooks.")  After the jury service of 1 Nov 1823, he removed to that part of Morgan County, Ill., which is now Scott County.  Daniel Burbank, Jr. is buried in old Exeter Cemetery east of Bluffs, Ill.  A monument obtains, although it may be a replacement or of late erection.

 From: Goshen Trails, Vol. 11, #1, January, 1975
Reprinted by permission

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