Bible record of Charles Waugh

Contributed by Alan Harney.  Thanks, Alan!
*This Bible Record was pub. in the NGS Quarterly in 1996

Note: This Bible belonged to Alan's ancestors, Charles Waugh and Nancy Kennedy Waugh,
who he believes came to Hamilton County in 1851.  Charles Waugh in 1851 purchased
land where Bethel Waugh Cemetery now stands.


The Holy Bible Containing The Old and New Testaments Translated Out Of The Original Tongues and With The Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised.  (New York; Printed by D. Fanshaw for the American Bible Society, 1843)

FAMILY RECORD (pages 509-512)

Contributors note - The entries shown appear exactly as they were written, but not necessarily in the order recorded in the Bible.  Events were frequently recorded in the wrong place, i.e. births were sometimes recorded on the "Marriage" page.


Charles Waugh and Nancy Waugh was Maried September the 3, 1840
Henry J. Crisel and Julia Ann Crisel was maried June the 14 1860
James F. Craiglow and Elizabeth S. Craiglow was Marryed April the 16 1884


George A. Crisel was borned April the 16th AD 1861
Ella C. Crisel Was Borned April the 9th 186_
Charles Waugh was Bornd March the 6, 1815
Nancy Waugh was Borned Oct the 15, 1820
Frank Waugh Was Borned December the 21, 1871
Julia Ann Waugh was Bornd July the 1, 1841
Martha Jane Waugh was Bornd June the 23, 1843
Galliton Waugh was Bornd March the 25, 1845
Lewis (H.) Waugh was Bornd Feb the 17, 1848
Sara Francis Waugh was Bornd March the 19, 1850
John Waugh was Bornd June the 5, 1852
Elizabeth Susan Waugh was Bornd May the 31, 1854
Charles Waugh was Bornd July the 2, 1857
Harriet Ladocia Waugh was Bornd August the 28, 1857


Julian Crisel Departed this Life September 21st 1866 Age twenty four Yeares one months and twenty days

Ella C. Crisel Departed this Life November the 25 (?) 1866 Age Seven Months & fifteen days

Charles Waugh departed this life Feb 28, 1941 83 yrs 6 mo 26 da
Gallion Waugh Departed this life March the 29 1873 Aged 28 years and (21) days
Harriet Lodocia Waugh Departed this life August the 16, 1861

Charles Waugh Departed this Life December the 18th Aged 47 Years 9 months and 12 days

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