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Bullet3.gif (148 bytes) From: Cortelyou Genealogy, A Record Of Jaques Corteljou and many of his Descendants, by John Van Zandt Cortelyou, 1942; pub. Brown Printing Service, Lincoln Nebraska, p. 409

Bullet5.gif (101 bytes) "1644. ALBERT RUSSELL CORTELYOU (George Washington, Abraham, Peter, Hendrick, Albert, Hendrick, Jaques, Jaques) was born in Shelby Co., Ind., October 13, 1891; m. in Bartholomew Co., Ind., October 29, 1919, Elzora Mae Sandefur, who was born in Johnson Co., Ind., September 7, 1900, daught of Frank Marion and Emma Ellen (Brockman) Sandefur. Frank Marion Sandefur was born in Davis Co., Iowa, December 11, 1864.  Emma Ellen Brockman was born in Johnson Co., Ind. March 15, 1864 and died there, February 18, 1929.  They were married in Johnson Co., Ind., November 2, 1897."

Bullet3.gif (148 bytes) From: LaPorte County Indiana Early Settlers

Bullet5.gif (101 bytes) A. G. Standiford, b. Shelby Co., KY on January 27, 1816.  Arrived in LaPorte Co., IN September 2, 1836.  Occupation: Physician.

Bullet5.gif (101 bytes) D. C. Standiford, b. near Lexington, KY on April 24, 1826.  Arrived in LaPorte Co., In Spring 1834.  Occupation: Farmer.

Bullet5.gif (101 bytes) Martha Standiford, b. Lawrence Co., NY on March 13, 1825.  Arrived in LaPorte Co. June 16, 1836.

Bullet3.gif (148 bytes) From: The Early History of the West and North-West of the States of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri
by Rev. S. R. Beggs; p. 28

The returns of 1833 give to Laporte 140 members of Door Village.  F. Standford was one of those who came to this county.  He was brought up in Maryland in the midst of old Methodists, and graduated to the order of elder as a 'local' preacher.  He moved to Laporte from Putnam county, Indiana, having lived first in Kentucky after leaving Maryland.  He was a representative 'local' preacher, assisting the itinerating preachers by his experience in knowledge of 'Scripture holiness.'  There was, in the days of large circuits traveled by young men, a necessity for something more fixed than the occasional visits of the itinerating evangelist; and a society was favored when it had an ordained local preacher.  This was the condition of the Door Village society.  There were also tried laymen in that band of men, who, though they had come, some from Ohio, others from Virginia, and others from New York State, yet met with one accord in one place, and were blessed of God.  Many of these have finished their careers, and rest from their labors.  F. Standiford, A. Stearns, and J. Sale, have passed on, before those who yet remain to see the fruits of planting the Church in this beautiful prairie.

Note: This Francis Asbury Standiford was the son of Abraham and Susannah Chamberlain of Balitmore Co., MD.

Bullet3.gif (148 bytes) From The New York Times; pub. Friday, August 6, 1897


The Rev. John Walstein Uses a Revolver to Quell a Distrubance in Epson, Ind.

WASHINGTON, Ind., Aug. 5--The Rev. John Walstein fired a revolver from the pulpit of the Concord Church in Epsom, Ind., last night and killed a three-year-old child of J. S. Standiford, which Mrs. Standiford was holding.  Then, frightened by what he had done, the minister fled.

Walstein had been holding revival services in the church, and he had bitterly attacked the saloon element of the town.  The services have been interrupted by a mob of boys and men, and Walstein was "egged" upon the street not long ago.  He understood that his life had been threatened and he asked the Trustees what he should do.

Mr. Standiford and others advised him to arm himself.  He took two revolvers to church last night, and upon a disturbance occurring near the door he fired one weapon in the direction of the sound, thus killing Standiford's child.


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