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Greene Hamilton Johnson Shelby

Greene County:

The Estate of George M. Standefer: *Contributed by Mitzi Calbreath

Petition for letters of Administration

Petition of Douglas Standefer in the matter of the Estate of George M. Standefer deceased, for letters of administration.
To the honorable L. E. Moncester Judge of the County Court of Greene County, State of Illinois.
The petition of the undersigned respectfully represents that George M. Standefer late of the County of Greene aforesaid, departed this life on or about the 23 day  of December, A. D. 1876 leaving no last will and testament as far as your petitioner know or believe.
And this petition further shows that the said George M. Standefer died seized and possessed of Real and Personal Estate consisting chiefly of Horse, Saddle and Money  all of said personal estate being estimated to be worth about one thousand dollars. That the deceased left surviving him Douglas Standefer, Edward H. Standefer, whole brothers and two unknown Girls and one boy half brothers and sisters heirs of Eliza Jane Proffit.
That your petitioner being Brother of said deceased, and believing that the said estate should be immediately administered, as well for the proper management,  right under the Statue he therefore pray that your honor will grant letters of administration upon this oath prescribed by the Statue, and entering into bond in such sum and securities, as may be approved by his honor.
Signed Douglas Standefer
Sworn and subscribed before me Clerk of the County Court of Greene County 30 day of December A.D. 1876 L.K. Rakin
Recapitulation - Total Amount received $1,206.32 - Total amount Paid Out - $165.74 - Balance Due - 1040.58 
He further reports that the debts and claims against said estate have all been paid, leaving the above balance to be distributed between the heirs lawfully entitled there to as follows:
Douglas Standefer, Brother $174.43 -- Edward H. Standefer, Brother,  $174.43 -- Nettie E. Proffitt, half sister on guardian  $174.43 -- _________ Proffit, half sister on guardian  $174.43 -- William Proffitt, half brother  on guardian $174.43 -- Katherine Proffitt,  half sister on guardian  $174.43.

Now moves the court that he may be allowed to make distribution as above set. (no date)

  Click here to view Estate petition filed by Douglas Standefer for Israel Standefer - 1880

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Hamilton County:

Bullet4.gif (880 bytes) Source: Abstracts of Wills, Hamilton Co., IL 1821-1915 by Hazel Lea Neff

Job Standerfer was the executor of the will for Benjamin Auxier February 1867.

Job Standerfer witnessed the will for John S. Davis, October 1863

Wilburn Standefer witnessed the will for Charles W. Trotter, March 1881

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Johnson County:

*This is an important discovery to descendants of Anderson and Elizabeth James Standifer.

Bullet4.gif (880 bytes) Source: History of Johnson County, Illinois by Mary Ellen Mount, Chapter XXV, p. 115

The court was to issue a tavern license to Anderson Standofer who was going to establish a tavern in Elvira.  He was to pay five dollars to the county and one dollar to the clerk and this license was to become effective October, 10, 1818.  On the same day the court issued a license to keep a tavern in Elvira for Isaac Worly and Jacob Littleton as soon as they paid five dollars for the county and one dollar to the clerk.

Bullet4.gif (880 bytes) Source: Court Records, Johnson County, Illinois - October 15, 1814-1817, prepared by Johnson Co. Genealogical and Historical Society; p. 73

"State of Illinois - Johnson County

Be it remembered that heretofore (Towit) on the twenty third day of May one thousand Eight hundred and Eighteen James Frazer Assignee of Jonathan Ramsey by his Attorney (Chamerlain) came in to the Clerks office and filed the following declaration which said declaration reads in the Words and figures following - Towit--

James Frazer - Assignee of Jonathan Ramsey vs. Jacob Littleton - Territory of Illinois County of Johnson - Johnson Circuit Court of the Term of September in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and Eighteen.  James Frazer assignee of Jonathan Ramsey by Chamberlain his Attorney complains of Jacob Littleton of a Plea that he render unto him the said Frazer the sum of twenty five dollars of lawful money of the United States which he owes to and unjustly detains from him for the Whereas the said Littleton on the thirteenth day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and seventeen at the county of Johnson and in the Territory aforesaid by his deed sealed with his seal.  And which is now here to the Court shown the date whereof is the thirteenth day of April (which sd date was meant entered and understood to be the thirteenth day of April) in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and Seventeen) promised to pay to the said Jonathan Ramsey twenty five dollars six months after the date thereof for value received and the said Jonathan Ramsey afterwards towit on the day and year aforesaid at the county and the Territory aforesaid before the payment of the aforesaid sum of money or any part thereof in the said deed specified by his endorsement subscribed by his own proper hand, by the signatures of Jonathan Ramsey in writing and said deed so made assigned the said deed to the said James Frazer (by the name of Jms. Frazer) of which assignment the said Littleton then and there had notice.   Nevertheless the said Littleton did not pay either to the said Johnathan Ramsey or to the said James Frazer Assignee as aforesaid the said sum of twenty five dollars six months after the date of said deed.  And though often requested the said Littleton hath paid the same or any part thereof to the said Frazer or Assignee as aforesaid but hath hitherto wholly refused and still doth refuse so to do to the damage of the said Frazer Assignee as aforesaid of twenty five dollars, and therefore he sues by Chamberlain his attorney.

The following is a true copy of the Deed in the foregoing declaration mention "Six months after date I promise to pay Jonathan Ramsey twenty five dollars for Value received this 13 day April - Signed Jacob Littleton"

The following is a true copy of the endorsement on the said deed in the declaration mentioned ---"Pay the within to James Frazer".  Signed Jna. Ramsey, Chamberlain Att for plff

Which said Writ and declaration was issued and returned to Court by the Sheriff with the following Endorsement and return on it - To wit Cepi Corpus 23rd May, 1818.  Signed Irvin Morris, Shff

Know all men by these presents that We Jacob Littleton and Anderson Standeford of Johnson County Illinois Territory are held and firmly bound unto Irvin Morris Sheriff of the county aforesaid in the sum of twenty five dollars current money of the United States for the payment of which well and truly to be made and done, we and each of us bind ourselves our heirs and assignees each and every of them firmly by their presents.

The Condition of the above obligation is such that Whereas a Caplas adrespondendum was issued out of the Clerks office of the Eastern Circuit Court for Johnson County bearing date the twenty third day of May 1818 in the name of James Frazer Assignee of Jonathan Ramsey against the said Jacob Littleton for debt returnable to the next Term which said Writ was this day executed on the said Jacob Littleton by the Sheriff Now if the said Littleton should be cast in the said Action and in that case doth well and truly pay the costs and condemnation of the court or surrender his Body in Execution for the same or the said Anderson Standeford doth it for him, then and in that case the above obligation to be void, otherwise to remain in full force and virtue in law.  Given under our hands and seals this 23d day of May 1818.  Test. Irvin Morris
Signed: Jacob Littleton and Anderson Standford."

CLY Note: The Southern IL area where Anderson and Elizabeth Standifer resided was known as Randolph Co.  In 1812, Johnson Co.  was formed from Randolph Co.  In 1819, Union County was formed from Randolph Co.   These counties were sometimes referred to as the "American Bottoms".   That would account for Anderson appearing on both the Union Co. and Randolph Censuses in 1820. Anderson died in Union Co. after 1821.  Anderson named his third son, Jacob Littleton Standifer who was born September 11, 1818. Some say Jacob was born in Union Hill, Kankakee Co, IL but he no doubt  was born in Union Co. because Kankakee Co. was formed in northern Illinois in 1853.

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Shelby County

#324: The USA Certificate , No. 3810

Archibald Jr. of Shelby County Illinois has deposited in the General Land Office of the United States, a certificate of the Register of the Land Office at Vandalia, whereby it appears that full payment has been made by said Archibald Stanford, Jr. according to the provisions of the Act of Congress of the 14th of April 1820, entitled "An Act making further provisions for the sale of public lands" for the west half of the north west quarter and the west half of the southwest quarter of section 21 in township fourteen, north of the ? line of range six, east of the third principal Meridian, in the District of lands subject to sale at Vandalia, Illinois, containing 160 acres according to the official plat of the survey of the said lands, returned to the General Land office by the Surveyor General which said tract has been purchased by the said Archibald Stanford, Jr. (See file)

Probate Court records lists his son's (Archibald, Jr.) death date as October 15, 1842.
The following is the court record of Archibald Standifer, Jr.:
PROBATE COURT, November 7, 1842. Probate Journal I, 1839-1849, pages 208 to 211 incl.:
On this day on motion of Elijah Fleming, it is ordered by the court that he be appointed administrator of the Estate of ARCHIBALD STANDIFER who died intestate on or about 15th of October, 1842. He entered into bond in the penal sum of $1500.00 with Peter Fleming security. Court appointed Hamilton Bowman, Levi Fleming and John Fulton appraisers of said estate.

Inventory lists the following real estate:
SE1/4, NW 1/4 Sec. 22 TP. 14 N. R. 6 East
W1/2, NW1/4 " " "
NW1/4, SW1/4 " " "
NE1/4, NW1/4 " " "

Here follows appraisement. Sale of personal property dated November 28, 1842, lists the following purchasers: Franklin Standifer, John Berry, Lowry Taylor, A. Huffman, Jacob V. Sawyers, Clisby Drew, William Lilly, Samuel Martin, Peter Barbough, William Allen, Isaac Parvis, Jacob Neil, Jerry Sandifer, John Goolsby, Jackson Berry, John Fleming, Hiram Welton, Anders.

From: Shelby Co., IL Probate Journal I (1839-1849) by Shelby Co. Historical & Genealogical Society:  p. 39:
Journal I; p. 416-421: Joseph Carter. Probate Court - October 22, 1844.
On this day it was represented to the court that Joseph Carter, Sen. died intestate on or about the ___day of ___1844.  Joseph Carter appointed administrator, who gave bond and security in the sum of $1,000 with Davis Harris and Daniel Carter Security.  Appraisers: David Harris, Daniel Dawdy and Levi Wright.  

Inventory lists real estate:
40 acres NW1/4 NE1/4 Sec. 23 T. 12 N. 4E.
40 acres  SE1/4 NE1/4 Sec. 23 T. 12 N. 4 E.

Sale Bill dated November 13, 1844 lists purchasers: Thomas Storm, Joseph Carter, William A. Watson, Nathan Cater, David Harris, Isaiah Standifer, Joseph McCrary, John Dawdy, David G. Carter, N. A. Tribue, Jackson Cox, Wm. Tribue, E. K. Carter, Thomas Wegar, *Benjamin Auxier 

[*Son-in-law to Archibald Standerfer].

Probate Court - June 19, 1848:
Final Settlement - Ordered that the Administrator pay to each heir the sum set opposite their names, due November 13, 1845.

William & Lucia Lawson $10.51
Thomas Carter $10.51
James Carter $10.51
Isaac & Frances Fugat $10.51
Joseph Carter, JR $10.51
Johnson Nelson & Patsy Nelson $10.51
John L. W. Carter $10.51
Robert Willson & Elizabeth $10.51
Mathew Carter $10.51
Elisha Carter $10.51
Isaiah & Matilda Standifer $10.51

From: Shelby Co., IL Probate Journal I (1839-1849) by Shelby Co. Historical & Genealogical Society:  p. 34:

Journal I, p. 329-335: Probate Court, May 25, 1842; Evin Waller
On this day it was represented to the Court that Evin Walter died intestate on or about the 10th day of May 1843 and the widdow having filed a renunciation the court does hereby appoint John B. Fulton administrator if estate of Evin Waller deceased.  He gave bond and security in the penal sum of $2,000 Whereupon a bond is filed with Thomas Fulton and Archibald Standifer security.  Ordered that Thomas Fulton, Levi Fleming and Levi Patterson be appointed appraisers of said estate.

Inventory lists real estate:-
E1/2 NE1/4 Sec. 33 Tp. 14 Range 6 East 80 acres
SW1/4 SE1/4 Sec. 33 Tp. 14 Range 6 East 40 acres
NE1/4 NW1/4 Sec. 34 Tp. 14 Range 6 East 40 acres

Here follows Appraisement Bill and Sale Bill.  Sale Bill dated July 1, 1842 lists the following purchasers: Thomas Lewis, B. B. Ewing, H. H. Taylor, George Nerville, ____Flanders, F. Standifer, Thomas Purvis, J. Standifer, James Bowlin, Samule Elder, Jno. Thomason, A. Hoofman, Eli Waller, Chester Taylor, Thomas Wiley, John G. Purvis, Felix Landers, John Gwin, John Fleming, Samule Martin, James Shaw, James Couch, Isaac Shirley, John Fleton, John Bracken, Sanford Gwin, Peter Warren, Clk. and Seth N. Montague Clk.

Probate Court, October 14, 1844:
Ordered by the Court that the administrator pay the following amount to the widdow and heirs.

*Sarah Waller, Widdow $153.85
Jacob Neil & Catherine Neil   $44.01
Elizabeth Waller   $44.01
Mary Jane Waller   $44.01
Cynthia Waller   $44.01
Eli Waller   $44.01
Angeline Waller   $44.01

*Sarah Standerfer, daughter of Archibald and Priscellah Bolin Standerfer.

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