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Bullet3.gif (148 bytes) From History of Echols Family by Milner Echols (1850)  *Contributed by Brian Bivona

[The Joseph Echols mentioned here was born in 1756 in VA; died 1814 in Wilkes Co., GA.]

ARROWBLUE.JPG (893 bytes) "Joseph Echols fifth son, William, was also a doctor, never married, had a wen on his neck which was cut out and he died immediately at about 24 or 25 years of age.  Joseph Echols first daughter, Tabitha, married Thomas Cooper, had no child, died in Cowetta Co.  His second daughter Caty married a very worthy man in Jasper County named Archibald Standifer.   She was upward of forty years old when she married, had no child.   His third daughter Rebecca never married, lives in Newan, Cowetta.  His fourth daughter Olive married an Englishman named John Daughterty, lives in Cowetta County, keeps a public house, he is said to be a very fine man.  I know nothing of his children."

ARROWBLUE.JPG (893 bytes)"Old John's fifth daughter named Liddy married Skelton Standifer, moved to Alabama. I know no more of them."
["Old John" is John Echols (1736-1826) born (probably) in Halifax County, VA, died in Madison County, Alabama.  "Liddy" is Lydia Echols who married Skelton Standifer in Eatonton, Putnam County, GA on 5 May 1809.  Skelton was born in Pittsylvania County, VA, moved to Georgia in the late 1780's, lived in Greene and Putnam Counties, moved on to Lawrence County, Alabama about 1810, was in Monroe County, Mississippi mid 1820's and in Noxubee County, MS by mid 1830's.]

Bullet3.gif (148 bytes) From: Genealogical Abstracts from the Georgia Journal 1809-1818 [The GA Journal was the Milledgeville, GA newspaper.]  *Contributed by Brian Bivona

ARROWBLUE.JPG (893 bytes)"On first Saturday in November next, 1815, we the undersigned legatees of Hugh Jones, deceased, will proceed to sell two tracks of land lying in Greene County, Georgia on the waters of Richland Creek, adjoining Ezekiel Brown.   Signed Archibald Standifer, Charles Murrah, Thomas Bullard, Elisha Whately, Joseph W. Jones, H. Slaughter, William Stevens."

Bullet3.gif (148 bytes) From: The Georgians Genealogies of Pioneer Settlers by Jeannett Holland Austin *Contributed by Lillian Gregorius

The Stanfords of Warren Co., GA probably descend from David and Sarah Stanford of Somerset Co., MD.  The Southern Recorder dtd 9/10/1839, "Died in Barbour Co., ALa., 8/12th inst., Thomas Stanford of Culloden, Monroe Co., in his 66th years.  He was the son of David and Sarah Stanford of Somerset Co., MD, where he was born 7/9/1774.   Moved in 1805 or 1806 to GA...leaves wife and four children."  Thomas Stanford was m. to Keziah O'Neal 3/4/1799 Columbia Co., GA.

Joshua Stanford, b. ca 1760, his LWT dtd 5/4/1825, pvd 5/1/1826 Warren Co., GA., naming issue:

I. Joseph Stanford, his LWT dtd 3/26/1827 Warren Co., leaving w. Margaret, land on Little Sweetwater Creek, naming issue: Christopher; Isaiah m. Elizabeth Stanford 12/9/1824 Warren Co.,; and dau. who m. Henry Hand.

II. Levi Stanford

III. Joshua Stanford m. Louisa Johnson 8/19, 1824 Columbia Co., GA

IV. Sophia Stanford m. Josiah Draper 7/26/1804 Warren Co., GA

V.  Levin Stanford m. Nelly McGee 11/20/1803 Warren Co., GA

VI. Mary Stanford m. Henry Wilson 1/15/1807 Warren Co., GA

VII. Ellender or Sarah Stanford m. Richard Lazenby 12/28/1822 Warren Co., GA

VIII. Sarah Stanford m. Jesse Ansley, s/o Abel Ansley, 1/16/1816 Warren Co., GA

IX. Nellis Stanford m. George Dashield 12/1805 Warren Co., having daughter: Harriett Dashield.

X. John Stanford.

Bullet3.gif (148 bytes) From: Historical Collection of the Georgia Chapters (DAR), Vol. III; Records of Elbert Co., GA; pub. 1930

p. 97: Bailey Standeford: dec'd.  Abner McGehee, Admr.  Shows "Sept. 14, 1815, Cash received of the United States for the services of the dec'd as a soldier, $74.621/2" and a judgment in favor of Jack & McGehee vs. Bailey Standiford and Charles Gordon, April 8, 1809.

Bullet3.gif (148 bytes) From: The Atlanta Constitution - 1906

SCANDAL - Edward Marion Standifer

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Bullet3.gif (148 bytes) From: The Atlanta Constitution - 1905

The Oldest College Student in the United States - William Phineas Standifer

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