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This category is intended to be a listing for books for sale that deal with the Standerfer, etc. surnames.  Also, I will list books written by Standerfers, etc. I am happy to provide this free service and I do not profit from the sales of these books in any way.  If you have written a book and wish it to be advertised here, just let me know and I will list it.  Interested buyers should contact the author at the e-mail address given for the book.

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A New Book!!!
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of Somerset, Maryland
by Odessa Stanford Garrison

Bound, hardcover
324 pages, Name index included
173 Photographs
Ancestral Lineage Charts
Family Group Charts
Short Family histories
Family Crest
Many documents are included: deeds, wills, marriages, obits, Stanford manuscript,
newspaper clippings, maps, lateral lines and more.

If you would like to place an order, please send $40 remittance to
Odessa S. Garrison
P. O. Box 9896
Pensacola, FL 32503

Please allow two weeks for U.S. Postal Service shipping at book rate within U.S.A.

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Compiled and written by Ann Beckler Borreson, 2001

       The comprehensive book includes the history of William Deason Standiford, born in OH, 1827, and his wife, Anna Post, born in OH, 1829.  William's father, William, was born in Maryland and came to Ohio with his family in the 1820s.  William and Anna moved to Wisconsin in 1854, where their children grew up.  The book traces their 10 children down to the present time.  The family is also traced back to the earliest branches in America. Charts, picture from the families and stories about various family members are included.  This family descends through William R. Standiford, b. abt 1709 and Christina Enloes, b. abt 1710.

Table of Contents

Introduction  3
The Chase 4
Standiford Family Beginnings 5
Wm. (1709-1776) Standiford's Will 7
William Deason and Anna (Post) Standiford 8
     Ancestor Tree of William Deason Standiford 9
     Ancestor Report of William Deason Standiford 16
     Ancestor Tree of Anna Post 25
     Ancestor Report of Anna Post 35
     The Post Ancestry 60
      Land Grant Papers 63
      County Plat Maps 67
      Receipts for Taxes and Cemetery Markers 71
      What's Behind a Name? 74
      Pioneer Days 75
      Avalanche, Wisconsin 78
      William and Anna Standiford and Their Children 80
      Grandchildren of William and Anna Standiford 82
      Great Grandchildren of William and Anna 84
      Standiford Deaths 89
      Probate, Guardianship Papers 90
      Pages from the Standiford Bible 92
      William and Anna's Family Pictures 94
Martin Luther Standiford 96
      Outline Descendant Tree of Martin Luther Standiford 97
      Descendants of Martin Luther Standiford 128
      Lanham Divorce Case 261
      John's Montana Homestead 263
      Pictures of John's Family 264
      Angelo Plat Map, Frank's Home 265
      James Franklin Standiford Pictures 266
      The 50th Wedding Anniversary 272
      Grandchildren of James Franklin and Nena Standiford 274
Mary A. Standiford 275
Outline Descendant Tree of Sarah R. Standiford 276
      Descendants of Sarah R. Standiford 277
Emily Jane Standiford 279
      Outline Descendant Tree of Emily Jane Standiford 281
      Descendants of Emily Jane Standiford 289
      The Calkins of Viola, WI 320
Abigail Lou Standiford 322
      Outline Descendant Tree of Abigail Lou Standiford 325
      Descendants of Abigail "Lou" Standiford 340
      Bryson Stories 402
William Henry Standiford 405
      Outline Descendant Tree of William Henry Standiford 409
      Descendants of  William Henry Standiford 413
      Memories of Albon and Nettie Standiford 437
Jarred Theodore Standiford 438
      Outline Descendant Tree of Jarred Theodore "Dode" Standiford 441
      Descendants of Jarred Theodore "Dode" Standiford 445
      Stories of Jarred and Emza Standiford 465
      Atley's Story 466
James Jasper Standiford 467
      Outline Descendant Tree of James Jasper Standiford 469
      Descendants of James Jasper Standiford 472
Daniel M. Standiford 485
      Outline Descendant Tree of Daniel M. Standiford 487
      Descendants of Daniel M. Standiford 490
Charles Francis Standiford 501
      Outline Descendant Tree of Charles Francis Standiford 503
      Descendants of Charles Francis Standiford 508
      Memories of Charles and Ella Standiford 527
Outline Descendant Tree of Margaret M. Standiford, Sister of Wm. Deason S. 528
      Descendants of Margaret M. (Standiford) & John Richardson 529
Outline Descendant Tree of Mary Kohn Standiford, Sister of Wm. Deason S. 533
      Descendants of Mary Kohn (Standiford) & James Oliver 535
Index 542

The book is a 9x12 bound paper back with an illustrated cover.  
567 pages
Price is $40.00 + $5.00 postage and handling.
Mail to:
Ann H. Borreson
102 Torrey View Drive
Sparta, WI 54656

For additional information, contact Ann by email.

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"William Cabaniss Of Texas And His Wife Lysanias A.M.E. Standifer"
Nina Marie Cosper Fuller
pub. 2000

This book is wonderfully organized and contains 105 pages of well-documented family information, including many photos and interesting biographies.  The book actually begins with the progenitor, Henri Cabanis, b. 1675-abt 1720.

If you are interested in purchasing this book, the cost is $25.00, plus $5.00 for shipping cost unless ordering more than one book.  Each additional book is $1.50.  Please contact Nina by email.  You won't be disappointed.

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A new book by Rhonda Standerfer McClure

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Online Genealogy

To view Rhonda's Page & to order Click here!

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A very exciting research book is coming soon...All researchers will love this one!

Standefer/Standifer Family Ancestry
Introduction to the book
The Standefer Family: The First 900 Years
by Fletcher Standefer Crowe, PhD
1041 Riverbend Club Dr.
Atlanta, GA 30339

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The book contains approx. 500 pages and contains individual and family photographs, Sandefur Family Crest, Family Tree Charts, Maps and authentic documents. It is spiral bound.

Pre-Publication Price, good until June 30, 1999 is $40.00 + $5.00 shipping.

Post-publication price will be $50.00 + $5.00 shipping and handling.

Righttan.jpg (1229 bytes)Click here for Table of Contents

James Odus Sandefur passed away in December of 1998 before he could complete the two volumes he was preparing. His dying request was that Patsy Sandefur and Anita Erickson complete the books for him. He wanted his research to be available to anyone who was interested.

Volume Two is underway and will be published after Volume One is sold. It will cover the family of Bennett & Judith Sandefur of Henderson County, Kentucky and their descendants from the early 1800's to the present day
family members. You will be notified when this volume is ready to be published so that you may order the rest of the Sandefur story.

Please send your orders to Patsy Sandefur, 2408 N. Valley Brook Drive, Edmond, OK 73034-4881. If you would like additional information on these books you can contact Anita Erickson [e-mail]or Patsy Sandefur [e-mail].

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Sandifer, Vol. I
South Carolina to Mississippi and Westward
by Annie Sandifer Trickett

Compiled in 1982 - 474 pages

Sorry, no more books available!

Click here for Ms. Trickett's obituary

This book is not written in the standard genealogical format, but rather "articles" are presented for each ancestor in an alphabetized format.

Here you will find articles for the descendants of:

John D. Sandifer, c1783-1854
Johnson P. Sandifer, c1796-1866
Joseph Sandifer, 1800-1871
Joshua A. Sandifer, 1797-1882
Peter Sandifer, 1771-1844
William Nightingale Sandifer, by 1760-1850
William Y. Sandifer, 1792-1870 or later

Many allied families are listed here also.

This book is well documented.

I will be happy to check the index for your surname before you order.  The elderly Ms. Trickett has about 30 copies of the book left.  A Vol. II was planned but never written.

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I have listed books written by one of our own: Historian, Sharron Standifer Ashton.  Many of you may be interested in these topics.

Indians and Intruders
Volume I

    *    1766 list of Chickasaw traders in the old Chickasaw country
    *    1831 list of white intruders in the old Creek country
    *    1860 Slave Schedules for the Chickasaw & Choctaw Nations
    *    1882 list of intruders in the Choctaw Nation
    *    Burials, baptisms, marriages and deaths at Fort Supply, 1870-1894
    *    Evidence of marriages in the Creek Nation, 1876-1898
    *    Intruders and non-citizens in the Creek Nation, 1876-1897
    *    Permits to non-citizens in the Cherokee Nation, 1874-1894

Indians and Intruders. 2d ed. 1997. 112 pages. Index, maps. Soft cover,
8.5x11. $20.00.

Indians and Intruders
Volume II

    *    1835 voters list of more than 2000 Cherokees living east of the Mississippi
    *    Licenses and permits, in the Creek Nation, 1875-1895   
    *    Divorce records in the Choctaw Nation, 1875-1905
    *    Records of marriage in the Cherokee Nation, 1869-1895 and undated
    *    Court records in the Chickasaw Nation, 1874-1889
    *    Divorce records in the Cherokee Nation, 1874-1895 and undated
    *    Marriage records in the Choctaw Nation, 1889-1898    

Indians and Intruders Volume II. 1997. 122 pages. Index, map. Soft cover,
8.5x11. $20.00.

Indians and Intruders
Volume III

    *    Warrants issued to Indian Light Horsemen in the Creek Nation, 1869           
    *    Cherokee Civil War Claims Index - Over 400 individual claims
    *    Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory Citizenship Records, 1896-1897
    *    Our Red Brother. Newspaper Abstracts, Jan 1890-May 1891
    *    List of Choctaw Indians attending Mission School in Mississippi, 1823
    *    Blue County, Choctaw Nation Indian Territory, Court Records, 1852-1858
    *    Indian Captives in the Southwest - Kiowa Records, 1870-1872

Indians and Intruders Volume III. 1998. 120 pages. Index, map. Soft cover,
8.5x11. $20.00.

Postage and handling for first book is $2.50. Add $1.00 for each additional
book ordered. Okla residents must add $1.50 per book for sales tax. Sorry no
credit card orders.

Send Order to:

Ashton Books
3812 Northwest Sterling
Norman OK 73072-1204

For more information, contact Sharron Standifer Ashton.


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