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From: Barbados Records - Wills and Administrations, Vol. 1, 1639-1680, compiled and edited by Joanne McRee Sanders; pub. Gen. Pub. Co. 1984.

Sandiford, Thomas Gent. [p. 317]
St. Peters All Saints Parish, 15 June 1661, RB6/15, p. 476:
Sons Thomas Sandiford and William Sandiford; sons Charles Sandiford, John Sandiford, Henery Sandiford and Edmond Sandiford all at 21; daughter Elizabeth Sandiford at 21; daus Ann Sandiford and Dorothy Sandyford both at 18; land known as Compton's land in St. Andrews Overhills; wife Margarett Sandiford -- Xtrx: brother William Sandyford Esq, Capt. Anthony Long, brother-in-law John Cox and William Dotin -- Overseers.  Signed Thoms Sandiford.
Wit: Gyles Hall, Will: Sandiford, Anthony Long.
Proved 25 Oct 1666.

Stanford, John [p. 337]
12 May 1662, RB6/15, p. 233
To be buried in church or church yard of St. Josephs Parish; wife Elizabeth Stanford* -- Xtrx; chn Jane Stanford*, Robert Stanford*, James Stanford*, and Thomas Stanford*; Capt. Joseph Thorne, John Price, Eyare Walcott, and son-in-law Kimberlaine Campion -- Overseers in trust.  Signed John Stanford
Wit: John Thorne, Geo: Lee, William Thorne, Edw: Bennington, Joseph Thorne
Proved 23 Jan 1662/3

  Sandifer, Thomas Gent. [p. 316]
St. Peters Parish, 2 Nov 1678, RB6/9, p. 497:
Brother Edward Sandiford; daughter- in- law Catherine Storey; Xtrs - wife Ruth Sandiford, brother Capt. Williaim Sandiford, bro Lt. Charles Sandiford, and brother Ensign John Sandiford.  Signed Thomas Sandiford. Wit: Will: Forster,  James Ball, Joseph Morris, Richard Matthew.  Proved 8 Aug 1679

Sandiford, John Gent. [Vol. 2.  p.312]
St. Andrews Parish, 12 Sept 1684, RB 6/41, p. 169
Sons Thomas Sandiford and William Sandiford both at 18; bro Jno: Sandiford; the issue brother Henry had by his wife he married in New England; my other; wife Ann Sandiford and brothers William Sandiford, Charles Sandiford, Henry Sandiford, and Edmond Sandiford -- Xtrs in trust.  Signed John Sandeford.
Wit: Richard Edwards, James Roper, Isaac Ishmod, Anthony Perryman, John Gofrasey
Proved 12 July 1789.

Sandiford, Ruth [Vol. 2, p. 312]
St. Andrews Parish, 9 Dec 1693, RB6/2, p. 99
Grand son John Read, son of Phillips Read of St. Andrews; grand daughter Mary Read, the daughter of said Phillip; friend Agnes Beresford; Elizabeth Beressford widow; grand daughter Marchh Read at 16; grand son John Stein at 21; friends Capt. Charles Sandiford, Thomas Beresford, and Samuel ____ - Xtrs.  Signed Ruth (X) Sandford.  Wit: Capt. Will: Bailey, Bennett Ross
Memo, kinsman Capt. John Hill and kinswoman Martha Turvill.
Proved 19 Mar 1693/4

Sandiford, Thomas [p. 299]
St. Andrews Parish, 25 Aug 1711, RB6/7, p. 183.
Intending off this island for Great Britain for the recovery of my health.
My son, Charles Sandiford* at 21 -- my plantation, if Charles dies without heirs, I give said ____ and stock to my 2 slaves and his heirs____ Katharine and her heirs; daughter Katharine Sandiford* and Ann Sandiford* at 21 or marriage, _____mothers's possession by reason of both their bros dying; my sister Margaret Sandiford*; my mother Ann Sandiford widow and my brothers Hon. Alexander Walker, Alexander Anderson Esq., William Walker Gent. Esq (sic), Col. Richard Sandiford, and George Walker Esq -- Xtrs and Gdns of my children until sons Charles and Thomas are 21; my sons Charles and Thomas Sandiford* -- Strs at 21.  Signed Thomas Sandiford
Wit: John Gran, Tho: Rollstone, Alexander Ross, Jos: Lindsey.  Prove 16 ___1713, Alexander Ross appeared.

Sandiford, Anne [Vol. 3, p. 298]
Widow, being sick and weak in body.  St. Peters Parish, 14 Apr 1718, RB6/6, p. 458.
Daughter Margaret Phillips, the wife of James Philips; my son Richard Sandiford Esq and grandson Thomas Sandiford -- remainder of estate; son Richard Sandiford, Hon. Alexander Walker, Alexander Anderson, Esq, James Phillips, and grandson Charles Sandiford at 21 -- Xtrs. signed Anne Sandiford.  Wit: Alexander Ross Gent., James Bruce, Sarah Hill Cod, 30 Sep 1720, daughter Ann Anderson, the wife of Alexander Anderson; daughter Elizabeth Jeeves, wife of William Jeeves; Alexander Walker and son Richard Sandiford --Gdns to my grand daughters Katherine Sandiford and Ann Sandiford and my grand son Thomas Sandiford all to age 21.  Wit: Alexander Ross Gent., William Patersone, Alexander: Anderson.  Proved 30 Mar 1721.

Sandiford, Anne, widow [Vol. 3, p. 299]
St. Peters Parish, 14 Apr 1718, RB6/6, p. 184
My daughter Margaret Phillips, the wife of James Phillips; grand son Thomas Sandiford at 21; son Richard Sandiford Esq., the Hon. Alexander Walker, Alexander Anderson Esq., the said James Phillips, and grandson Charles Sandiford -- Xtrs. Signed Ann Sandiford
Wit: Alexander Ross, James Brute, Sarah Hill
Proved 20 Mar 1721

Santford, Jacob [Vol. 3, p. 300]
25 Aug 1721, RB6/6, p. 362
Jacob of the city of New York, merchant, being sick and weak in body.  My brother and sisters: Cornelius Santford, Sertie (also spelled Lerlie) Bradford, wife of William Bradford, Jr. to be paid in money of New York, Abraham Santford Jr., and Anna Maria Santford to be paid in money of New York; father Abraham Santford, Sr., Uncle Gerret Vanhorne, brother Cornelius Santford -- Xtrs. Signed Jacob Santford; Wit: Elias Pelletieau (?) Jr., Gabn: Verpatana Jr., Martyn Burger.
Proved [p. 361], 22 Nov 1721 New York, Adm is granted to Abraham Santford, Sr., Garret Van horne, and Cornelius Santford, Is: Robin D: Secrey:, Recorded 16 Jan 1721 Barbados.

Sandiford, Richard Esq.[Vol. 3, p. 299]
St. Peters Parish, 16 Jan 1725, RB6/22, p. 564
Being weak in body.  My daughters Margarett Sandiford, Elizabeth Sandiford, Ann Sandiford, and Mary Sandiford all at 21 or marriage; wife Elizabeth Sandiford and son Charles Sandiford at 21 -- Xtrs and Gdsn; friends Thomas Merrick Esq., brothers-in-law William Jeeves and James Phillips, and nephew Charles Sandiford -- Xtrs and Gdns if my wife dies or marries before my son is 21.  Signed Richard Sandiford
Wit: Alexander Walker, Jr., Collin Campbell, W. Gibbons.  Proved 17 Mar 1725

Sandiford, William. [Vol. 3, p. 299]
27 Feb 1725, RB6/22, p. 555
Noted: "First part of this will missing in old book and original will cannot be found."
(Will begins:) -- last will and testament and Gdns of the estates of my said children during their minorities; and Xtrs in trust and Gdns aforesaid have power to purchase land commonly called Pelham's land belonging to the estate lately of Hon. Michael Terrill Esq decd for my son William Sandiford; son William -- Xtr.  Signed: William Sandiford
Memo, __in the presence of the words named Lucy between 18th and 19th lines.
Wit: Alexander: Jsphson, Charles Ball, John Wild
Proved 8 Mar 1725/6

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